Electric Juice Press

It's arrived !!

Presenting the world's first stand-alone Electric Juice Press.



For those of us who do not wish to use a manual press or for those

who are unable to use a manual press then the electric press is the answer.

Simply load the juicer tray into the press and press the button (for up) and wait

until the juice has stopped flowing then press the button (for down) ready for

the next session. Simple.

The electric press has a powerful electric pump that presses nearly  2 tons

(you would never be able to compress to this pressure maually).

It is 110/240v system so will work in most countries.

At the present time the Electric Press is available in the EU only.


Please note: The Electric Press will require a tray, pressing block and cloth - sold seperately. These items have been combined into the Electric Juice Press Kit