The Juice Press

To provide the maximum amount of nutrition from fruit and vegetables a juice press has always been the best process required. A good press will exert a force of tons rather than kilos and no juicer alone can provide this level of force. The Juice Press will press up to 4 tons pressure.

Juicing in this way also protects delicate enzymes which are usually destroyed by cooking or even with some electric juicers. The choice of juicer is very important. The slower grinding or masticating types are better than the high speed centrifugal ones. 

 juice press F&V
During the juicing process the pulp is placed onto a cloth which is then folded into a small parcel and placed in the stainless steel tray. The hydraulic pump on the juicer is then used (usually 4-5 pumps) and the juice flows into a container. The remaining pulp is often almost dry and the juice is ready to drink. Ideally, this juice should be consumed immediately but can be stored in a thermos flask or refrigerated and can keep for up to 2 days. This is not possible with juice from a centrifugal juicer as the juice starts to oxidize (go off) within a few minutes and is nutritionally inferior.

This 2 stage process is the one recommended for people on the Gerson Diet*.

*Dr Max Gerson developed a dietary regime which has been used to successfully treat cancer over the past 70 years 


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